Media Advanced Segmentation Solution

A customer came up with the idea to gain utmost benefits from TV power and become second to none in doing business with media advertising companies.

A ‘commercial’ part of shows and movies inserted in advertising spots provides a fertile ground for mutually successful collaboration and elimination of any competition.  

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  • AWS Cloud
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A core challenge was to bring a brand-new approach in the world of traditional advertising techniques.
All advertisers seek for their target segment of people, but the only power they have is a privilege to buy the whole P25-54 segment and spots in a prime-time show collecting millions of views. One can hardly treat such a broad segment as target, therefore the presence of a concrete segment is highly unpredictable and can be either 15% or 0%.

Without knowledge of a relevant segment ratio at the shows and movies, it is impossible to build profitable advertising management.

The desire of the customer to get a solution working with only custom segments was put into practice.

Our experts proved that there could be real-time software that defines your target audience and designs the optimal business plan to capture the largest relevant segment ratio interested in a particular advertising product thus enabling the most profitable expense of the advertising budget.

Solution description

As the tool’s mission should be oriented to the unprecedented capacity of defining the custom audience and further working with this target segment for preparing the most advantageous advertising campaign, an investigation stage required a particular effort.

Our R&D team initiated a complex process to decide on the proper mathematical methods to apply for designing a system able to:

  • Find the viewers that feel the need of advertised products (read: potential buyers)
  • Predict the best placement of advertising spots with an eye to the advanced segment
  • Anticipate and eliminate possible risks associated with the price for the advanced segment

Our experts identified a number of strategic steps that should be taken with the aid of Media Advanced Segmentation (MediAS):

  • Creating the custom (advanced) segment — the solution picks out the block of your target audience with certain demographic, behavioral, and social characteristics.
  • The Analysis and Prediction step allows us to observe the patterns across historical data.
    The solution explores the concentration of the advanced segment in the movies and TV shows to determine future behavior of the target audience and its quantitative characteristics for upcoming programs.
  • Risk modeling — the solution gives you a chance to determine your own risk level.
    By giving you the opportunity to choose your own risk level you’d like to deal with and a guaranteed number of target people to hit, the product protects your investment strategies and takes care of the most profitable deal with minimal risks possible.  
  • Optimization is responsible for smart placing of advertising spots with regard to a certain media budget.
    The goal is to maximize views and result in the greatest benefit given the picture of target segment’s preferences.

For enabling diverse optimization scenarios and giving a chance to automatically shape and modify your advertising strategy, the BIQUANTS team enriched the tool with a flexible setting system.

All the modifiers lead to generating an optimized business plan and getting rid of tiresome manual configurations.  

Development аpproach

Each feature of the solution has determined a careful choice of algorithms. Our Data Science experts put their efforts into finding those capable to ensure the most accurate results, predictions, and settings.

After thorough consideration, BIQUANTS found the methods, algorithms, and tools that eventually made our product one-of-a-kind.

For the creation of the custom segment, we made use of Nielsen Data Analytics services. They process panel data to provide an unbiased view on how consumers engage with media and what products they really need.

To achieve the most precise analysis and predictions, BIQUANTS implemented several statistical approaches, including time-series analysis (for past behavior analysis) and Monte Carlo method/Sample mean (for future behavior prediction).

The distribution of the media budget in the most profitable way and all fine-tuning adjustments become neat and fast thanks to the Gurobi Optimization Solver.


An advanced segment option and settings flexibility make MediAS a revolutionary and unique product.
There is still no analogue to our solution, which tracks the TV viewers’ values and interest transforming the data into elevated advertising campaigns.

Customers no longer need to pay for those consumers who are totally indifferent to the suggested advertising products. MediAS finds the segment prone to purchases.

Selecting the places with the largest concentration of the target segment, the solution turns advertising expenses into sound investments thus providing the highest return.

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Joran Lee (Head of Marketing)

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Computer vision and data scientist with 15+ years of experience in R&D.
About 45 scientific publications and 15 patents. Worked for Samsung as a head of R&D department. Ph.D. in computer science. MBA degree from Open University. Extensive knowledge of image processing and pattern recognition.

CEO, Chief Data Scientist